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Hunting in Argentina

Dove-HideThere are many dove & pigeon hunting operators in Argentina but only a select few hold the “special” hunting areas. Our select area is where you can find the best dove and pigeon hunting in the world where the number of birds in this area are literally counted in the millions.

In the last 10 years farmers have started to plant new areas due to rising commodity prices. In these areas the dove and pigeon population has grown substantially. We hunt in one of these such areas where the pivot irrigated agriculture system enable a hunting season which is substantially extended due to the abundant food source throughout the year and hence no short peak season for our dove hunting, unlike other areas.


Lodge-Rear-ViewHunters are accommodated in a very comfortable lodge, newly constructed in 2015 and located in a beautiful mountain area. Views extend over the gardens and swimming pool to the mountains beyond.

The lodge features five spacious double rooms, each with private bathroom and large social areas inside and outside the house to help you enjoy the sunny and dry weather and scenery of the area.

Our lodge chef will prepare the tastiest dishes from an “Argentine style” gourmet menu accompanied by the best wines of Mendoza.

Wi-Fi is also available throughout this accommodation.

Hunting Programme

Doves-ArgentinaWe offer a unique hunting adventure where you will be able to solely shoot doves where it is common place to shoot between 1000 / 1500 cartridges per day. You could also combine doves with superb pigeon shooting (250 / 300 per hunter per day) in the same area.

We also offer pigeon decoying in the true British fashion which can be fantastic due to the number of birds feeding in the area.

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