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4V2A7905a_tnOur exclusively private game reserve is situated just 1 hour East of port Elizabeth on the Eastern Cape of South Africa and is a Malaria free area. Perfectly balanced, this is a nature lover’s paradise with dense ravine thickets, scattered thorn trees and open areas making this an idyllic outdoor experience for both hunters and anyone wishing to view all species of plains game and wild life. Kudu majestically roam the bushveld while Zebra graze lazily on the open plains. Nyala and Bushbuck appear from the lengthening shadows and most other African species brought back from the brink of extinction enjoy the ecological harmony. Although buffalo are found here, game deemed dangerous such as lion and elephant are found on Nature Reserves next door.

Your Hosts

Africa-CP-2016You will be hosted by one of the most famous South African Rugby World Cup winners who is incredibly passionate about conservation and has a philosophy driven by making quality and lasting friendships, bringing guests closer to nature and ensuring that everyone experience enduring memories.





4V2A8076_7_8_tonemapped2_tnThe lodge is perched 20 meters above the high water mark on the Settlers dam with breathtaking views up river. Animal and bird sightings along the river banks are a guaranteed occurrence from the spacious viewing porch. The lodge can be booked in its entirety or per person depending on the need. The lodge sleeps 7, and is made up of three ensuite bedrooms, a very large stunning king size bed room with ensuite, volume lounge, dining room and bar is available with a separate kitchen. Male and female restrooms are available to aid further entertainment and further accommodation can be arranged on the adjacent property if required.


pic2The total hunting area comprises of 20,000 hectares in Malaria free South Africa. Both SCI and/or Rowland Ward trophies can be achieved for all species and the hunt remains challenging and a soul enriching experience.

This has been a premier hunting destination for the last 20 Years and caters for bow and rifle hunting equally. The nature of the terrain and topography provides well worn game paths, while the cover lends itself to walk and stalk and ambush hunting with the emphasis on getting close.

Here the ethical bow hunter and his/her quarry have an equal chance, while blinds and certain lookout points are strategically placed to be most effective. Crown River prides itself in the “Mac nab”, the ultimate test. From sun up to sun down, you have the challenging opportunity to catch a fish, shoot a bird and hunt an antelope, all of which is possible for the skillful outdoors-man.

Minimum Calibres

  • Small species including impala is .243W.
  • Medium species up to Red Hartebeest is .270W.
  • Large species requires a minimum calibre of 300 H&H or larger.
  • Big five/ dangerous game, minimum required is 375 H&H or larger.

Bows are to be minimum 60lb draw weight, and minimum arrow speed 220fps with arrow of 350 grains including 90 grain broad head. Mechanical broad heads are not recommended.


Prices differ per species and depend on availability or demand at the time of booking. These hunts and prices can be arranged and will be provided immediately upon request.

For further details, costs and to book please Contact Us for up to date offers.

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