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Grouse Shooting Scotland


Driven Grouse Shooting In Scotland and England

Who has not dreamed of standing in a grouse butt, waiting for coveys of birds skimming like miniature brown missiles over the horizon? Driven grouse shooting is definitely the most exciting sport that UK shooting and hunting can offer and we have some of the most stunning estates within our portfolio both in Scotland and England that we can offer you.


Grouse Shooting Available 2016

Grouse Drive

We still have 4 guns available on this prime day on a prolific one day moor in Derbyshire renowned for its fantastic shooting and stunning scenery. Last season this moor shot a record 2,200 brace with the biggest day being a record 517 brace. The day we have secured has previously shot between 200 and 250 brace to good teams.

We offer this day at a fixed price of £2,950.00 + vat per gun (including lunch) and have 4 guns remaining.


Walked Up Grouse Shooting In Scotland

Or maybe your dream is hunting this totally wild ‘King of Game Birds’ over pointers or spaniels – either way Scotland is the only place in the world to experience it and HRW are the people to help you.

Surrounded by August’s purple heather, a grouse moor is a uniquely beautiful and romantic place to be. The place for what some argue is simply the most exciting and challenging sport in the world. We have many walked up days available for 2016 for between 2-6 guns so please Contact Us with specific date and location requirements.

About Grouse

Grouse are heavily built like other Galliformes such as chickens. They range in length from 31 to 95 cm (12 to 37 in), and in weight from 0.3 to 6.5 kg (0.66 to 14.33 lb). Males are bigger than females—twice as heavy in the Western Capercaillie, the biggest member of the family. Grouse have feathered nostrils. Their legs are feathered to the toes, and in winter the toes, too, have feathers or small scales on the sides, an adaptation for walking on snow and burrowing into it for shelter. Unlike other Galliformes, they have no spurs.

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