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Red Deer Stalking Scotland


If anything symbolises Scotland as much as the Grouse it’s our native Red Deer.

Ranging over the high tops of Scotland’s most beautiful mountains for much of the year, they’re prized by people who relish the challenge of hunting Scotland’s largest and most powerful mammal. Red deer stalking in Scotland is truly one of the most magical experiences that hunting in the UK can offer and we have some stunning estates to introduce you to where you will soak up the full ambiance of a days deer stalking in Scotland.

Whether it’s a trophy head or the opportunity of approaching a wary group of hinds in mid-winter, our very experienced stalkers will help you to achieve success – finding and taking your beast, literally, on its home territory.



About Red Deer

The red deer (Cervus elaphus) is one of the largest deer species. The red deer inhabits most of Europe, the Caucasus Mountains region, Asia Minor, Iran, parts of western Asia, and central Asia. It also inhabits the Atlas Mountains region between Morocco and Tunisia in northwestern Africa, being the only species of deer to inhabit Africa. Red deer have been introduced to other areas, including Australia, New Zealand and Argentina. In many parts of the world, the meat (venison) from red deer is used as a food source.

The deer of Central and Western Europe vary greatly in size, with some of the largest deer found in the Carpathian Mountains in Central Europe. Western European red deer, historically, grew to large size given ample food supply (including people’s crops), and descendants of introduced populations living in New Zealand and Argentina have grown quite large in size and antlers. Large red deer stags, like the Caspian red deer or those of the Carpathian Mountains may rival the wapiti in size, Female red deer are much smaller than their male counterparts.

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