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Reindeer Hunting Norway

Hendry, Ramsay & Waters is pleased to offer the following program in both the Breheimen and Jotunheimen national parks which holds Europe’s last surviving population of wild Reindeer which have been hunted here since the Ice Age. The Jotunheimen national park reopens this year after being closed to all hunting for the past 8 years so this untouched territory will really be worth a visit.


Only a few licences are available for big males, so this hunt is very exclusive and the season very short.

The landscape is breathtaking moorland framed with mountainous peaks reaching 2,500 metres above sea level.

At the Breheimen national, there are two hunting areas:

The South East park is our hardest hunting ground and it helps to be in good physical shape as you be hunting in a vast wilderness from our base camp in the mountains, and must be prepared to walk 5 – 15 kms per day, starting with a 2 hour trek (good path) to the comfortable log cabin which will be your base for the duration of the hunt.

The South West hunting area is reached by a boat and is the easier of all hunting areas which includes a cabin in the middle of the reindeer area which is only about 1 hour easy walking from when you get off the boat. The scenery is simply stunning and really adds to the ambiance of the trip.

Dates Available in 2015: 20th August – 10th September.  Please contact us to book and for further details.