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Hunting in Spain

permalomaSpain has become known for the quality of its partridge shooting, stunning Ibex hunting, fantastic monterias and excellent stalking for Red Deer Stags, Mouflon and Chamoix. We now have a number of estates across Spain in our portfolio that we can offer each of these exclusive sporting opportunities at and look forward to being able to welcome you here to experience them.




Driven Partridge Shooting – Spain

(1st October – 31st March)

We have two locations that will offer you an exceptional experience. In southern Spain and easy to reach near Seville, we run programmes with days of 300+ birds. Great shooting, with the opportunity to visit other parts of Andalucia as part of your trip.

Alternatively, book yourself a real 5 star programme – 500+ bird days with accommodation on the estate and all catering / laundry services provided. All available to you just 45 minutes from Madrid airport.

IMG_2836Ibex Hunting Spain

(15th November – 1st April)

The Beceite is the largest of Spain’s Ibex and offers one of the best hunts in the world in
stunning scenery in the región of Aragon.
We have 43,000 hectares of private land with a high population of animals,with a 99% success rate..
All levels of hunter are welcome. There are easier and more difficult areas to hunt depending on the hunters physical condition and needs.
Transfers from Madrid airport included.


Spanish Monteria

(13th November – 16th November)

The Monteria is a unique Spanish sport where Red Deer, Wild Boar and sometimes Mouflon  are driven to standing Guns, and are often shot running.  They are great spectacles in themselves and are also a very social occasion we are fortunately able to have a  number of our clients join teams of enthusiastic local hunters for an experience that they are unlikely to forget.


Hendry, Ramsay & Waters staff are able to advise on taking your own guns abroad and are on hand to assist with Airport check-in and reclaim if required.


We now offer excellent fishing opportunities in Spain – click here to find out more.

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